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There are several ways to follow our posts, depending on your interests.

You can visit the site whenever you like and read the posts as they appear chronologically. Or you can search by category, or by tag (which appears at the bottom of a post) to read posts of particular interest to you.  Click on the category or tag, and you’ll see the title and a short introduction to all the posts in that category.

You can also type a word or very short phrase in the “Search” box at the top right to find posts about that subject.  A list of all posts that match your search will appear.

You can be notified when any new post appears on the site, via an RSS feed.    There are many ways to follow a feed:

1.  If you use Internet Explorer, go to the Laurie’s Blog home page.  On the bottom right, under the “Meta” headline, click on “RSS Entries.”  When the page appears, click on “Subscribe.”  This will add the RSS feed to your IE “Favorites” under the “Feed” tab.  When you click on that tab, the posts on our web site will appear.  You’ll notice that the formatting looks different from the actual blog, so you’ll probably want to go to the web site to read new posts, especially if they contain pictures.

2.  If you use Firefox as your browser, follow the steps above.  When you click on “Subscribe,” you will be offered several choices of places to save the information, including placing “Laurie’s Blog” on your toolbar.  Firefox is better than Internet Explorer in that the feed includes a detailed list of all the posts in order.

3. If you use any Apple product, including your iPhone, iPad, or computer, the RSS feed goes through your email, and alerts you when new posts or comments are available.  To add an RSS Feed to Mac’s Mail app simply go under the “File Menu” and Choose “Add RSS Feeds…” A dialog box appears and you will need to choose between “Browse feeds in Safari bookmarks” (this will list any site that you have bookmarked that has an RSS Feed associated with it) OR choose the “Specify the URL for a feed”  (this will change the dialog box to a field that you can type in the URL of the site) which would be: ““. By then checking the “Show in Inbox” button, all the RSS Feeds will show directly in the Inbox and will update as the site is updated.



2 thoughts on “Follow Us

  1. Just beautiful. You have become a great photographer! Glad you are back in England and settling in for the summer. Linda says all is well. I saw Marsha today–she is my only 100 Central victim for awhile 🙂

    My 4-month training program is going super. Into week 5. Meeting with Cinde now to do her new technique called Gyrotonics. Tony and I had a private back-stage tour of Asolo–wow! Our guide was awesome and made each of us feel very special.

    Miss you! Love, Mary

  2. Hi, Lolly and Gerry,

    Ive been catching up on your blog, Lolly, and it really takes me back to my trips to the cities you’ve visited (not all, of course, but a few)! Your photos are great, as always, and I’ve learned more than I did while there in person — But l couldn’t “find” your blog on Vienna, just the photos. Am I doing something wrong? I’d love to read it, if it’s there.


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