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We are adventurers, travelers, and lifelong learners.  We’ve been together for more than two decades and have been married since 1992, although we’ve kept our own surnames.  Gerry is a retired physician, and Laurie is a retired judge, but we’ve never felt we were defined by our careers.  We love reading, cooking, photography, cats, theatre, England, music, racehorses, movies, cruises, friendships, warm weather, and the blue waters — and even bluer skies — of Florida. The photo above was taken on our way to a day at Royal Ascot, where we watched the races from the royal enclosure.

Most of all, we are excited about life.  We’ve visited all seven continents, all fifty states, and more countries than we can remember, and we look forward to seeing new places every year of our lives.  We hope that this online journal will provide a window into who we are and the things we enjoy, and that you will find something of interest here from time to time, and the desire to pursue your own dreams.

Gerry Shaikun and Laurie Smith

5 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi Laurie and Gerry. Thanks for the notice of your blog, which is so impressive. The photo of you guys is worth the visit alone; and the visuals, the writing, the fact that it’s mutual, it’s all great.

  2. A masterful compilation! Your versatility with incorporating incredible photos adds so much. I just love it!

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