My books

Below are all the books I have written since before this blog was begun.  Here are directions for accessing the books on any device you may be using.

Desktop: From any Mac or Windows desktop computer, you will use your browser of choice and click either the cover of the book you want to see or the link to download.  This will load the book directly into your browser.  Alternatively, if the file doesn’t open in your browser, it will open in your PDF reader instead.  If you want to come back to a page after you have closed the book, you will need to go through this process again, since this process doesn’t work like a book reader, which allows you to keep your place.

Tablet, iPad, or mobile phone:  Use your browser of choice and click either the cover of the book or the link.  This will load the book directly into your browser.  If using either an iPad or an iPhone, you can click on the “share” icon (small square with an “up” arrow in it) and then choose “Copy to iBooks.”  This will download the book and will work like any other book reader, saving you from having to go through all the above steps.

Note: All of these books were designed to be read in two-page spreads; many of the pictures span both pages.  On the phone, it may be difficult to read the text because of its size on the screen, although you may want to look at pictures.  On a tablet or an iPad, it’s best to use your device in landscape rather than portrait mode.


Title pageIn 2009 we spent a week on an expedition ship in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador.  This book illustrates the voyage of discovery that Charles Darwin began, and that we follow to this day.  Download book here.






For several years, we spent summer weeks in England, renting houses in the countryside and immersing ourselves in English life.  In this book, we recount our experiences from one of those summers.  Download book here.






Rivers Through Time cover

For our first riverboat cruise, we chose a 24-day itinerary that took us from Bucharest and the Black Sea to Amsterdam on the North Sea, sailing up the Danube, Main, and Rhine Rivers.  This book traces our journey through centuries of history.  Download book here.






Five Senses of Provence Cover-final.indd
We spent eight days in Provence, based in a tiny village in the mountains, surrounded by the sights, sounds, and scents of this beautiful part of the world.  In this book, the senses are the guides that reveal Provence.  Download book here.






SONY DSCThere is nothing on earth comparable to the continent of Antarctica.  Its vast expanse of beauty and majesty defies description.  In this book, there are few words.  Pictures tell the story.  Download book here.