We’re going to the Oaks! (Probably)

IN LINGERIE                  photo courtesy ETP

In Lingerie won the Bourbonette Stakes today by  six lengths, which means she may be running in the Kentucky Oaks on Friday, May 4.  Her share of the purse was $60,000, but 25% of that goes to the jockey and the trainer before the partners receive anything.  We hadn’t planned to go to Louisville for Derby weekend, but I think we’ll have to hop on a plane for the Friday races.  She broke to the front and led wire to wire in a very good field.  John Velazquez, her jockey, rode a perfect race.  He never touched her with the whip, and she just put her ears back and blew everyone else away.  He will almost certainly ride her again in the Oaks, which is great for us, since he knows her very well.  Gerry asked me if I’ll need to wear a hat to the races, which I hadn’t thought about, but I guess I’ll take my Royal Ascot hat (see the picture on our “About Us” page) and hope it will be seen in the winner’s circle.  If we get pictures of the Bourbonette we can post, we will.  We’re so excited we can hardly breathe!


2 thoughts on “We’re going to the Oaks! (Probably)

  1. I’m very psyched that In Lingerie won and is going to the Oaks. But you have to watch out for What’s-Her-Name (Zo Impressive). I hope she wins, with her good skills, but has a lot of fun, too.


  2. I’m so glad you guys are going to the Oaks. I just hope In Lingerie gets in the gate fine. Make sure Papa Gerry wears a monocle!

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