Vapour Musing smokes it; Fifth Gear follows where she leads

Vapour Musing won a maiden race at Colonial Downs in Virginia last week, and we were delighted.  According to her trainer and our Team Valor managing partner, she gave a good acount of herself, but the race was really too short for her.  They intend to run her at a mile and an eighth or longer, on grass, this summer at Saratoga.  Her pedigree says that she will do better and better as she matures, and that she might be five (she’s now three) before she reaches her full potential.  We’re just pleased that they haven’t given up on her and that they think she could have a future in racing.  She’s very tall (sixteen hands-plus) and lanky, and still quite immature as race horses go, so we’ll have to wait and see.  Fingers crossed!

Fifth Gear is running at Presque Isle on July 3, his first race and intended to see how (or if) he breaks from the gate and deals with traffic.  Young horses who have never trained with more than one or two other horses tend to come unglued when they find themselves in the gate with nine or ten or even twenty other horses.  Let’s hope Fifth Gear has a calm, unflappable personality, as well as a whole lot of speed — the race is really a sprint on steroids — and that we’ll have good news to report after his race.  The remaining fingers crossed!