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We’ve been taking private photography and Photoshop lessons for the past few years, and this year our teacher sponsored a contest for all his students.  Each of our photos had to relate to one of four themes — Curves, Reflection, Repetition, and Empty — and our fellow students were the judges.  It was a terrific learning experience for us, and we were very pleased with our own efforts, as well as impressed by what our classmates achieved.  Gerry’s entries won in two categories, a real thrill for him since he has generally left the picture-taking to me in the past.  I can see a second good camera in our future.  If you’d like to see our contest entries, this is a link to the gallery.  Click on any individual photo to enlarge it.  See if you can match the pictures to the categories (since we haven’t yet figured out how to put captions on the photos) and identify which two photos won in their categories.  For example, the photo in this post is entitled “Fishing Fleet at Cochin” and was entered in the Reflection category.


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  1. It was so nice to meet you both at the contest. Didn’t Billy do a great job with the whole thing! His dedication to helping and teaching his clients is a benefit to us all. Your images are beautiful! Congratulations on launching your blog! It has a great layout, and I enjoyed reading about your varied interests. Enjoy shooting! I look forward to seeing you again.

  2. Actually, the photo in the post was mine, as were the dunes, the sheets on the clotheslines, and the full moon. All the others were Gerry’s (he submitted an optional second “Curves” entry). He won “Repetition” with the fishing nets at Cochin and “Reflection” with the fisherman in his boat, an interesting interpretation of the theme. All the pictures had at least some work done in Lightroom, and some were Photoshopped as well. The group discussed having one competition where no post-processing could be done, but that hasn’t been decided yet. The winners of this contest were allowed to choose the themes for the next one, which are “Wild Life,” “Joy,” “Naked,” and “Historic Sarasota HDR” (a software program that allows you to take the same shot using three different exposure settings and then merge them into one photo). We’re really going to have to think outside the box for this competition.

  3. Which of the others was Gerry’s? And congratulations to you both! By the way, were the photos allowed to be “”Photoshopped”, or did they have to be as they came from the memory card, assuming that practically no one uses film these days)?

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